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YK Remodeling is proud to serve a professional interior paint service company  in NYC, Manhattan, Queens & Brooklyn area.   We work with many paint company's to your choice but we specialize in Benjamin Moore paints.  we Sand, skim coat, plaster and tape for a quality fine finish result..

Benjamin Moore has been producing quality paint since 1883. Our commitment to color inspires an ongoing search for the perfect hues, the ones that lead our customers to claim: "that's the color I want." More than a century of commitment to producing superior products and unrivaled colors has its rewards: Our paint is the number one choice of interior designers. People who choose our products know they'll get the inspiration and support to make their vision reality.

By introducing new programs such as the Paint Tester program, and the reintroduction of the Classic Color Palette, Benjamin Moore proves its commitment to the best of color in your home. Through new products introductions such as the new Aura, and Natura, Benjamin Moore continues to ensure that its customers receive the best of all paint technology available. Together, Benjamin Moore and California Paint are committed to their customers and strive to provide the highest quality products available in today's marketplace.